How This Brand Went From Almost Going Out of Business to Opening a New Production Plant and Hiring Extra Sales Staff

I no longer believe in online marketing, I’ve tried a couple of agencies but haven’t had any results

Dejectedly exclaimed the owner of this brand when we met for the 1st time…


Total Ad Spend

$19,035 USD

Attributed Sales

$413,116 USD

Return on Ad Spend


The Client

This brand sells natural cold-pressed juices and related beverages, with their main offer being a monthly juice cleanse subscription.


This company was in the middle of their 3rd year of operation and sales had taken a nosedive from the previous years, even after increasing ad spend in the weeks prior to our conversation. The situation was dire. 

This client does not have a retail store and sells online only. Their juices are made daily with no conservatives added, so there are special considerations to be taken during transportation and delivery.

The brand has a custom-coded online store with outdated technology that is heavy to load and difficult to upgrade. Additionally, the programmer who built it is no longer involved with the company.

New Strategy

We immediately started to work on their new marketing strategy, and after completing our initial assessment and detecting several areas of opportunity, it was time to implement changes.

The online store sales were very low, as they were made mostly by long-time customers. The load times and bad user experience were big deterrents for new customers to use it, so with no time or budget to develop a new store, we decided to do all customer acquisition via telephone, SMS and messenger.

Since the store was no longer part of the strategy, we decided to stop the client’s Google search campaigns and focused all of our attention on Facebook and Instagram. We also reduced the client’s monthly ad spend 50% while doing testing to avoid wasting unnecessary budget.

Campaign Breakdown

The first campaigns were launched and it took over a month to implement all changes and to complete the testing phase. Once everything was in place, the campaigns started taking off and patterns emerged.

We clearly identified who their ideal clients were, where they lived, and what interests they had.

This clarity allowed us to laser target the message and content. We coordinated with the brand’s creative team to release a series of videos from an interview they had made with a certified nutritionist about the health benefits of juice cleanses. Those videos were then used as educational content targeted to new audiences.

The educational videos established brand awareness, and were followed by retargeting ads to people who had seen them. The objective of the retargeting ads was to invite them to request a free consultation about the cleansing program. Leads were then presented with a trial offer before asking them to commit to the monthly cleanse.

We worked directly with their sales staff to establish new follow-up procedures and to change their closing tactics, as they used to hard sell the juicing program during the first contact, resulting in mostly unanswered messages.

As new customers started to grow, it was apparent that the current sales staff was no longer enough to handle all the new leads, so extra help was added on more than one occasion.

Expansion to Other Markets

The original campaigns were targeted to one city only (due to the shipping logistics of the product), but the educational content was being shared over social media and we started seeing sales from customers in other cities who didn’t mind the special considerations taken with delivery to their area.

And while analyzing the sales data, sales coming from one city in particular stood out, which prompted us to make a recommendation to launch campaigns specific to that market. Our suggestion was approved and the new campaigns were launched.

The results from these new campaigns were so great that we started scaling the ad spend, and the brand continued to improve the logistics of shipping the product. Soonafter, out-of-state sales accounted for over 20% of the total company revenue, and that number continued to grow.

With the exponential growth in sales and extra shipping costs, it became apparent that shipping to other markets from their main location was not cost effective, so work began on a new production plant that was strategically placed between key markets.

That plant is now fully operational, and as a result ad spend has also tripled, with sales continuing to grow at a steady pace.

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