She trained with me from 2000-2001 in Miami

Hi, I'm Jana Martinez and I've been training with Fernando Gaviria since 2001. I have known him for years.

If anyone understands the human body and how to strengthen it, how to let go of fat, how to leave you incredibly strong, healthy, with vitality and looking wonderful, it is Fernando Gaviria. If you have the opportunity to train with him, do it, don't even think about it.

I trained with him for almost a year, and after trying 1,000,000,000 different techniques, massages that left me bruised from top to bottom, trainers that killed me... they simply damaged my shoulder and I'm still suffering with that, they hurt me and we didn't achieve results.

With Fernando, the results were almost immediate. From the first week, we started to see, although at the beginning it was not so obvious, but we could see something. And from one month on, it was an extraordinary thing. I am really happy with my results.

Then he went to Los Angeles and we stopped training because of that. But I found him again and I'm really looking forward to continue training with Fernando.

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