How I Started

Since I was young I had a passion for contact sports and that led me to practice Taekwondo. I was very skinny and my sensei recommended weightlifting to gain weight and strength, so following his advice, I fell in love with bodybuilding.


After four years of intense training, and with the support of my mother and brother, we opened the gym "Paradise Gym" in Maracaibo, Venezuela in 1990. That same year I had my first bodybuilding competition: the "Mr. Zulia" contest, where I won 1st place on two consecutive occasions.

And that's how I started my career as a Personal Trainer, training more people to compete in this exciting sport.

As a trainer and more

In 1994 I moved to the United States to study and work on my other passion: acting. Since then I have practiced both careers and I am constantly updating myself with the most recognized certifications in the industry.

I currently live in Mexico and guide people from all over the world to achieve their health goals.


Recognized as Master Professional Trainer and chosen by WISS as their representative for certification in Spanish.

Biography Actor / Director

I have participated in more than 500 projects including films, series and commercials in the United States, Mexico and Latin America.

Outstanding productions

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